Jennifer A. Jilks

B.A.(ECE), B.Ed, M. Ed.

B. A. (ECE), B. Ed., M. Ed. (OISE - Curriculum & Technology)

Special Education Specialist

retired elementary teacher, writer

Hospice Volunteer with CHSLC

Jennifer A. Jilks  

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My book is available: Living and Dying with Dignity: A daughter's journey. - providing palliative care at home for my late mother: Joan Jilks, and in LTC for my late father: Ray Jilks. My father succumbed to a brain tumour after exibiting signs of dementia for 9 months. Having dealt with depression, as a result of my caregiving duties, I decided to share my story with others. Adult daughters bear the brunt of this responsibility, suffer emotionally, physically and financially from providing care for both family and friends.

The book contains valuable information about caregiving while working full-time, and includes acronyms and a glossary related to aging, LTC and dying. Visit Ontario Seniors for more health care information for those over age 50. As a Hospice Volunteer I have enjoyed working with clients in two LHINs.

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